Living about 2.5 km from Ahmedabad airport, the Saranias are an outlier on this “VIP route” that connects the airport to the.

Near the VIP entrance was a huge sign that read “Welcome to India Donald and Melania Trump.

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Vip फ़ोन नंबर online कैसे खरीदे | How to buy vip mobile for free | vip number online   Golden numberAs Trump prepares to visit, a wall rises in India – On earlier VIP visits, workers put up curtains on the route, they say. “Now the number one country is coming.

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When President Trump arrives on his first official visit to India today, his first stop will be Ahmedabad, the largest city.

After arriving in India’s western state of Gujarat, Trump delivered a speech.

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Huge billboards of the two leaders and replicas of historic places in Gujarat have also been placed along the roads where people will.

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The hands of both these leaders are soaked in the blood of people killed in Gujarat riots. The Union home minister is.