30-10-2011  · This video shows how to perform a pregnancy test at your home with the help of HCG Kit, this kit is available in India at a price of Rs 50, you can buy it from any medical store.

26-12-2017  · Any pregnancy kit 99%accurate . if done properly After 6wks from missed period use it to diagnose pregnancy. Preferably midstream urine means go to bathroom take the sample midway between urination.

The most trusted and recommended home pregnancy test- Prega News Pregnancy Test Kit is widely popular in the Indian Market. This simple one-step procedure test card can detect the presence of hCG to the level of 20MIU/ml. You can get the result in just 5 minutes with Prega news, and it is a quick, efficient and hassle-free way to confirm.

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23-10-2019  · Identify the date for Pregnancy Test with the help of Pregnancy Test Calculator. Use pregnancy calculator by Prega News to perform easy home pregnancy test and get reliable results.